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A full service digital agency.

Volume is an award winning Melbourne based independent full service digital agency, specialising in eCommerce development.

Established in 2000, Volume still benefits from the stable leadership of its three founding directors. Our goal is to provide clients with the most complete and effective solution, through quality in design, innovative thinking and the highest level of service.

Being a full service digital agency, specialising in the design, development and ongoing management of websites, our client list includes many of Australia’s leading brands, most of which have partnered with Volume for a better part of a decade.

Widely experienced within the online industry, we offer an array of services including; website design and development, online strategy, responsive design and development, application development, video production, ecommerce solutions, content marketing, social media services, brand identity, email marketing and online style guidelines.

Award winning, innovative, dependable and highly efficient, we pride ourselves on being the quality digital partner that every modern business needs to keep up with the ever changing online landscape.


Launch Intrepid Group Travel website

Friday August 3, 2018

Last month, we had the absolute please of working with the team at Intrepid Group Travel on the design and......

Read more

Launch new Regis Aged Care website

Sunday June 3, 2018

After successfully helping Regis Aged Care to build their online presence over the past 3 years, through the design and......

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Launch Intrepid Group Travel website

Friday August 3, 2018

Last month, we had the absolute please of working with the team at Intrepid Group Travel on the design and development of the www.intrepidgroup.travel website.

Besides offering the world’s widest range of adventure tours, and being one of the nicest clients we’ve ever worked with, they also can boast to be one of one a few companies to be B Corp certified. A great achievement for and awesome organisation.
Their website was built within the Drupal 8 framework and you can view the website in more detail by clicking the link below.

Intrepid Group Website

Launch new Regis Aged Care website

Sunday June 3, 2018

After successfully helping Regis Aged Care to build their online presence over the past 3 years, through the design and development of their main website and a handful of microsites, we embarked integrating all website into one user friendly, information rich website that would better meet the users needs.

This involved a great deal of co-operation between the client and our IA’s to develop a website framework that could address the needs of website users that are faced with a very daunting task. More specifically, the website needed to have the ability to house all the information that’s needed for the website user (usually a family member caring for their partner or parent) to make a very important decision on where to place their loved one.

Pragmatically, Regis also offers so many different and diverse services from Aged Care Facilities, to Retirement homes, to in-home care, so the website architecture also need to be able to accommodate this information in a manner that was both easy to find and even easier to digest. More forever, the website needed to address all current accessibility standards and adhere to all best practices with regards to usability and SEO.

It was an ambitious undertaking and I’m proud to say that on the 3rd of June all the hard work from everyone at Regis and at Volume paid off.

Please click here to view the new and much improved Regis Aged Care website.



Our creative and innovative team can design an engaging, memorable and effective website for your business. We are passionate, approachable and will work together with you to make sure you are totally satisfied. Our design services include:

  • Concept Development
  • Website UI Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Logo Design & Visual Identity
  • Graphic Design & Finished Art
  • Print Design & Packaging
  • Infographics


Our highly skilled team take the pain out of development and can assist you with all forms of website and application production. We convert confusing jargon into plain English and with 13 years of experience we are a well oiled machine, simplifying the complicated and smoothing the way for you. Our development services include:

  • Website Development
  • Content Management Solutions
  • e-Commerce
  • Database Design & Programming
  • iPad Magazine Production
  • Mobile/Tablet Application Development
  • Online Publications
  • Social Integration
  • Personalised Video
  • Point of Sale Systems (POS)
  • Pop Up Store Systems


Content, in its various forms, is now more important than ever when to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. So if you don’t yet have a plan on how you can create and distribute valuable, relevant, and engaging content, there’s no need to panic as we can create one for you. Our content marketing services include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Planning & Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Blog Posts
  • Curated Content
  • Automated Email Marketing integration
  • Online Copywriting


Check out some of the clients we’ve worked with.

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Level 2
47 Cubitt Street, Cremorne VIC,
Australia 3121


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03 9108 1441


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